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Welcome to NIPPLEX. We are a global company of pipe nipples based around the world. We provide high-quality nipples using NC lathes with “accurate” and “clean” threads that are faithful to JIS standards. In addition, we promise to respond to customer requests thoroughly. Thoroughly respond to and improve defective products such as piles, ridges, poor fitting, chamfering defects, burrs, rust, peeling of plating, and defective dimensions.


High end and high quality

Suitable for machine equipment piping

White standard nipple

Three special features

White standard nipple
  • Special of 1

    No wrinkles

    Outside chamfer
    With conventional products, it may be difficult to fit the joint due to twisting or turning of the thread at the groove. This product has been reviewed and added one more process after the cutting process, and a large 45 degree groove processing is applied. This enables “smooth screwing”.
  • Special of 2

    No burr

    Inner chamfer
    Conventional cutting methods using rotary cutters produce sharp internal burrs. It must also be scraped off with a reamer to remove the burrs, which can result in “deep rough” scratches on the inner surface. In order to solve this problem, this product simply cuts with a metal saw to minimize the occurrence of internal burrs, and then chamfers the lathe and keeps it to `` slight thread chamfering '' to create a `` beautiful inner Chamfering ”has been realized.
  • Special of 3

    No Rust

    End face plating
    In this product, we focused on the pretreatment before cutting the screw. Until now, long plated pipes were cut into nipples. Naturally, in this manufacturing method, the cut end face and the inner chamfered part that scraped off the internal burrs were in a “no plating” state, creating rust. For this product, we decided to finish the inner and outer chamfers after cutting, and then individually plate each one. This pretreatment before cutting the screw is the biggest feature of the special white standard nipple, except for the threaded part.
  • the difference

    Difference between the conventional product and this product

    • Other product
      Other product
    • Our product
      Our product
    Since conventional products are nipples that give top priority to cost performance for housing equipment piping, mass production type processing methods must be selected. For this reason, quality such as "rough chamfering", "screw thread twist" and "plating peeling" are commonplace. Although this product can be used for housing equipment piping, it has been finished as a “nipple ideal for machinery equipment piping”. What is required of nipples that will be part of machinery and equipment piping? It is not just that piping can be made, and as long as the nipple itself becomes part of equipment, it is not ashamed to touch the eyes of the end user. It must be beauty. For this reason, this product is particular about “outer surface, inner surface, and end surface”.

Suitable for machine equipment piping

Stainless steel standard nipple

Three special features

Stainless steel standard nipple
  • Special of 1

    Thickness is over SGP

    • Specification changed to Sch40 equivalent (8A / 10A / 25A / 32A / 40A)
    • Specification changed to SGP equivalent (50A / 65A / 80A / 100A)
    size thickness increase normal reference
    6A2 221.7
    15A3 32.82.8
    20A3 32.82.9

    The specification was changed to the wall thickness of all sizes SGP or more (equivalent to schedule 40). In the conventional product, there were 7 sizes out of 12 sizes that were less than SGP. Since sufficient wall thickness was not secured, the thread valley was extremely thin (backed streak with streaks on the inner surface of the pipe) and low strength. With this specification change, it has become resistant to deformation and cracking of the pipe when screwed.

  • Special of 2

    Abundant standard dimensions

    • Previously 7 types (length 50mm to 200mm)
    • 18 types after the revision (length 50mm to 300mm)

    Previously, only 7 types of length settings were revised to 18 types.
    This is an increase of about 2.5 times.

    Conventional After revision
    - 85mmadd!
    - 90mmadd!
    - 110mmadd!
    - 115mmadd!
    - 135mmadd!
    - 140mmadd!
    - 175mmadd!
    - 225mmadd!
    - 250mmadd!
    - 275mmadd!
    - 300mmadd!
  • Special of 3

    High precision NC screw

    • No
    • No
    • No

    This product is made with high precision machining by NC lathe, and the screw accuracy is made uniform, and the screw shape is faithful to the standard in any of the screw pitch, angle, angle, taper angle.

    Because of the lathe finish, there is no twist at the tip of the screw, and all areas where burrs are a concern are chamfered. Screw processing is performed by high-speed rotation, and the surface roughness of the thread surface is smooth, so there is no catching during piping.



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Aiming to be the world's best pipe nipple brand. We are a company of pipe nipples with such a vision. Do you not hit your passion to the world? Piping materials such as pipe nipples are indispensable for people's lives all over the world. Our goal in the world is to deliver smiles to 7 billion people worldwide.


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