Black Pressure Pipe Nipple

Product Summary

  • nipple-pressure
  • Screw standard
    This is an external thread type pipe joint that requires a taper male thread [symbol: R (PT)]. (Compliant with JIS B0203) Suitable for joining screws with the main purpose of tightness resistance when joining internally threaded pipe fittings, other pipe parts, fluid equipment, etc. It is suitable for the case where the exterior process, electroplating, welding, and bending are performed in the post-process.
  • Steel pipe standards
    Carbon steel pipe for pressure piping (JIS G3454) STPG370 Sch80-SH specification
  • Steel pipe characteristics
    Carbon steel pipe used for pressure piping used at about 350 ° C or below. Used for flowing fluids such as water, air, steam, oil, gas, etc. at relatively high pressures (10MPa (100kgf / cm2) or less). The operating temperature range is -15 to 350 ° C.
  • Main usage examples
    For line pipe piping to transport between various equipment and facilities in the oil refining, petrochemical and chemical industries. Ship piping, high-pressure gas piping, boiler piping, etc.
  • Standard value of water pressure test characteristics of steel pipes (JIS regulations)
    12MPa (about 120kgf / cm2)
  • Type, symbol, chemical composition
    TypeSymbol Chemical composition(%)
    C Si Mn P S
    Carbon steel pipe for pressure piping STPG370 0.25 or less 0.35 or less 0.30 to 0.90 0.045 or less 0.040 or less
  • About inspection of screw
    All thread inspections are performed using a taper thread gauge specified in the standard number (JIS B0253) defined by the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS standard). In addition, our inspection gauge manufacturer uses OSG (OSG).
  • Join method
    When tightening, after tightening by hand, it is necessary to tighten with torque using a tool such as a pipe wrench. However, in order to tightly bond, even if it is tightened tightly, there is a slight space between the top and bottom of the mountain in practical use, and perfect airtightness cannot be secured. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures such as wrapping seal tape (tape-like gap filling material) around the screw before assembly or applying the same liquid sealant. (It is necessary to select the type of sealing material suitable for the piping application.) In addition, when assembling in a place where attention is paid to leakage, seal tape (about 2 to 3 turns) is wound around the male screw. Apply sealant from the top, and then apply sealant on the female screw side and tighten it to ensure tightness.

This product is high quality

  • No wrinkles
    Outside chamfer
  • No burr
    Inner chamfer
  • No Rust
    End face plating
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