SUS316 Pipe Nipple

Product Summary

  • nipple-sus316-2
  • nipple-sus316-1
  • Overview
    This is an external thread type pipe joint that requires a tapered male thread (nominal: R or PT).
  • Main usage examples
    For indoor fire hydrant piping, sprinkler indoor sprinkling equipment piping and foam digestion piping, general gas piping, for general air piping or general air conditioning piping for distributing air under pressure from compressors, etc. For piping for flowing fluids of various mechanical equipment, or for structural pipes for the purpose of protecting structural parts, wiring, etc., and for structural members such as handrails and fences.
  • Recommended working pressure
    • Airtightness: 0.5MPa (about 5kgf / cm2) air pressure or less
    • Withstand pressure: 2.5MPa (about 25kgf / cm2) water pressure or less
  • Type, symbol, chemical composition
    TypeSymbol Chemical composition(%)
    CSiMnP SNiCrMo
    SUS316 SUS316TP 0.08 or less0.1 or less2.0 or less0.045 or less 0.03 or less10.0 to 14.016.0 to 18.02 to 13
  • Features of taper screw for pipe (JIS B 0203)
    Applicable to threads whose main purpose is the tightness of threads when joining pipes, pipe components, fluid equipment, etc. The screw shape is an eight figure with an angle of about 3.6 ° from the tip of the screw to the end of the screw. The tip of the screw is the thinnest and the end of the screw is the thickest. Therefore, as the screw is tightened, the thread gradually crosses the thread on the other side, and when the torque is applied at the end, the threads are engaged with each other, filling the gap and sealing the inside and outside of the tube. Secure. Unlike a straight screw, once it is tightened with torque, the thread will be worn when it is next loosened. It is not suitable for use in places where it is tightened many times.
  • About inspection of screw
    All screw inspections are performed using a taper thread gauge specified in the standard number (JIS B0253) defined by the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS standard). (Incidentally, the inspection gauge manufacturer we use is made by OSG)

This product is high quality

  • Wall thickness SGP or higher
    • Specification changed to Sch40 equivalent
      (8A / 10A / 25A / 32A / 40A)
    • Specification changed to SGP equivalent
      (50A / 65A / 80A / 100A)
  • Rich Standard dimensions
    • Previously 7 types
      (length 50mm to 200mm
    • after 18 types
      (length 50mm to 300mm) revision
  • High precision NC screw
    • No
    • No
    • No
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